Verrerie Corse de Feliceto The Glass Workshop In Corsica

David Campana, Glass Worker In Feliceto English French

My father, Ange Philippe Campana,
moved to Feliceto in Corsica (Balagne) near Calvi in 1974.

He worked as a glassworker in Biot
(near Nice – France)
where he gained much experience.
In 1976 helped by his wife
he opened his own glass factory.
The glass factory became a family business
and Ange trained his 3 sons
in the glasswork trade.

I learnt a lot about glasswork
when I was young
and I wanted to specialise
in the glass art trade.
I studied for 3 years at the
European Glass School in Nancy,
CERFAV , from 1997 to 2000.
There I developed
my artistic senses
and started to create
my own designs.
I designed a guitar pendant
with a gold inlay
for the singer
Josephina Hernandez,
a paperweight for
the prince of Monaco,
trophies for movie festivals
and award presentations,

I work in the
family business
in Feliceto.
Its here
that I created
my new design line
and I continued
my fathers designs.

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